I used coconut milk but honestly my crepes were nothing …

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i used coconut milk but honestly my crepes were nothing to write home about / maybe one needs to be more vegan.ish / however, i quite like the quinoa flour and today made French crepes with half AP flour and half Quinoa flour / these are tasty / ate a couple straight / will make a nice vegetable filling for the rest of them

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okay i have the quinoa flour all ground up / took a year in the food processor / smile / just kidding / i toasted the quinoa first / love to hear it pop / well i came back to check on the milk ingredient / do you mean regular cow milk ? Moooo ! if i use milk might as well use an egg also instead of the chia egg, altho i do have chia seeds / i also have coconut milk so i guess i will use that / not decided on the filling yet / first get the crepes made !

i am not a big fan of quinoa but i do love crepes so i will be grinding up some quinoa to make these / savory crepes are the way to go, too, thanks for posting this