Health Coaching Programs

What is it?

Health Coaching is a holistic approach to traditional nutrition. I help you to discover the types of foods that enable you to reach your weight goals, provide energy, and make you feel fantastic! We will also investigate triggers in your life that influence your relationship with food.

we will focus on both Primary and Secondary food

Primary Food: Aspects in your life that affect your day to day life (exercise, children, work, personal goals, relationships etc)

Secondary Food: The Nourishing food that we put into our bodies

What can I expect?

-One FREE first time consultation (lasting 40 minutes)

-A personalized diet plan

-Grocery shopping lists

-Introduction to new and exciting food options

-Fun and healthy give aways

-Learn how to make smart choices while dining out

-Learning more about YOU


How long does it last?

Ideally, we will have 2 sessions per month lasting 6 months. These sessions will last for about 50 minutes


Are there options?

Yes! We can do a phone, Skype/face time, or in person sessions. Your choice.

Can I do it with a friend?

Right now, I just offer one on one sessions. I will be creating group coaching programs in time.


What do I ask of you?

1) HONESTY. I need you to be honest with me about how you are feeling and what you are eating. I also need you to be honest and REALISTIC with yourself. Change does not happen overnight!


2) Be on time: We are ALL BUSY. Lets work together to utilize our time


3)Cancelation: I get it, things happen, please try and cancel up to 24 hours in advance. If something comes up,  just let me know ASAP!


Interested in finding out more? Fill out the form below and I will respond ASAP!


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