Kitchen Gadgets




I created this page to show you the tools I use to make my recipes!  All of these links will take you to If you decide to click on a link and buy a product, I will get a small percentage to help support the cost of this blog! Everything stays the same for you as far as pricing 

 Vitamix Blender

I use this thing every day. It makes the most amazing sauces, smoothies, dips, soups etc. A MUST have for any foodie!!! It’s definitely an investment, but I’ve had mine for over 6 years now…still going strong!



    Paderno Spiralizer

    This little gadget transforms regular veggies into those amazing little noodle like spirals everyone loves! Make Zucchini Pasta and top it with your favorite sauce! It’s also got different blades so you can create different shapes. Slice sweet potatoes SUPER thin to create delicious chips, or apples to make your favorite snacks!

Mason Jars

I’m a little obsessed with mason jars. I love how large they are, plus they are glass so they are sustainable, and chemical free! I like to drink big smoothies from them, or simply a big glass of water.


Mason Jar Smoothie Tops 

If you’re messy like I am, these are great. Pop them on top of a mason jar and you’ve got a spill safe lid to drink out of!

Mason Jar to go Lid

  I like to take my smoothies to go. This is great because it’s got a fancy pop top that you can open and close for on the go convenience!


 Measuring Spoons

You’ve seen these in just about every kitchen ever. If you don’t own a set, get them. These will help you stay on track and keep your portions under control!


Measuring Cups

I can’t live without these. Like measuring spoons, they help you stay in control of your portions!

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