One week sugar free

Hey friends!!!

So this week, I did a little experiment.

Last week, a friend of mine came over to catch up. We chatted about lots of things, but being me, and being him, we started talking a lot about nutrition.

He has been following a Paleo diet for 5 years. What is Paleo you ask? This is a diet (lifestyle) that incorporated protein, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies as a main source of food.  Someone following a paleo diet would stay away from all grains, dairy and SUGAR

I always thought that I ate very little sugar. I mean, I’m not one to binge on candy (most of the time), and I rarely indulge in cookies and cakes. In my opinion, sugar was not a huge part of my diet. Then I took a look at some of the labels in my pantry. THERE WAS SO MUCH SUGAR!!!

Sugar in salad dressings, and sauces. 9 grams of sugar were hiding in my 0% fat greek yogurt. I even found sugar in the cheeses I was eating. I was unknowingly consuming tablespoon after tablespoon of hidden sugars. I WAS PISSED.

This week, I decided to cut out all sugar (processed, not from fruit), and all dairy. I love a challenge, and I figured a new way of eating could be interesting (I’m weird).

After one week without sugar or dairy I feel great!!! My energy levels are up, I feel leaner, and my skin has a nice glow to it. I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping through the night, where I used to get up constantly to go to the bathroom. Best of all, the stomach issues that were plaguing me have virtually disappeared.

After one week of sugar-free, I tasted a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate that I would normally enjoy at the end of my day. This time, it tasted ridiculously sweet! I actually had to throw it out, I literally could not eat it. Dare I say, it tasted gross???!!!

I’ve also noticed that sweet fruits and veggies taste even better. Bell peppers, sugar snap peas, apples, sweet potatoes and bananas are especially tasty.

I know it’s not for everyone, but maybe try lowering your sugar intake… see how  you feel… and see if you like it :)




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