About ME!

Well here I am!

I suppose I should introduce myself
My name is Synthia, and I love food. I mean hey, what girl doesn’t? For as long as I can remember, my dreams were filled with visions of chocolate chip cookies, gooey fudgy ice cream and melty cheese pizza.  As a young, physically active girl, I even indulged in these worldly foods! Then…DUN DUN DUN….puberty hit. What do you mean that french fries will make my thighs big?! Who decided that pumpkin pie would make my arms giggle and that Doritos could make my jeans not fit. It just wasn’t fair! To top it all off, I was a dancer. I prided myself on my ability to move with grace, and twirl with ease. I needed to be fit, fierce, and fabulous!  It was time to take drastic action.

It took a number of years, tons of diets, and lots of tears (common, we’ve all done it), but I think I’ve finally started to get a handle on things. I am starting to discover how my body works, and what foods are the most effictive (and tasty) to enhance my active lifestyle.

I live in Manhattan with the greatest boyfriend a girl could ever ask for, Keith. I have been a Radio City Rockette for five years, and am currently in the Broadway show “Bullets Over Broadway”.

Most recently, I have become a health coach! I studied Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and am now taking private clients!!!  I hope you enjoy my daily musings!

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